Zandu Ultra Power Balm 8 ml
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Zandu Ultra Power Balm 8 ml

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Zandu Ultra Power Balm 8 ml

Zandu Ultra Power Balm 8 ml is an excellent pain relieving ointment mainly used to alleviate headaches and migraines. With its special formulation it can also offer relief from joint pain and cold as well. It is enhanced version of the normal Zandu balm and is also used for other types of musculo-skeletal pains.


  • Zandu Ultra Power Balm is used for Cough, Headache, Pain in arthritis, Pain in shoulder joint, Pain in tendons, Pain in muscle strains or sprains, Back pain, Bruising, Cramping, Bacterial infections, and other conditions.
  • A strong solution for severe headache, severe body ache, and cold
  • Provides quick and long-lasting relief from severe pain
  • Dermatologically tested, safe on skin

Direction for Use: Use it directly on the affected area in intervals for 2-3 times a day and massage gently.

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About the Product

Zandu Balm Ultra is India’s No 1 pain relieving balm. It is an iconic brand of Zandu portfolio and become a generic name for balms for most of the consumers. It is a trusted balm for over a hundred years. Zandu Balm is synonymous for headache, body ache and cold remedy and considered as the best in the category. Zandu balm is one of the biggest pain management brand and available in more than 5 Cr. Indian household across geographies. It is also highly distributed pain management brand with coverage of more than 13 lakhs retail outlets across India.

Safety Information:

  • Use under medical supervision
  • Read the label carefully before use
  • Keep out of reach of children

Warning: Zandu Balm Ultra Power should not be used on open wounds and bruise marks. Use under medical supervision.


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