Whisper Bindazzz Nights Pads XL+ 30 Napkins
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Whisper Bindazzz Nights Pads XL+ 30 Napkins


Whisper Bindazzz nights XL+ 44 sanitary Napkins for women

Whisper Bindazzz Nights gives you our No. 1 Night Protection. It’s longer length and wider back ensures that you are protected from leaks from all sides. With this you can have a worry-free sleep during your periods because with this pad you get upto 0% leaks all night-long. It has a dual-action gel which neutralises odour ands locks wetness. Its Dri-Weave Cover ensures that the period blood is absorbed in seconds so that you sleep comfortably the entire night.

  • Designed for overnight care
  • Absorbs fluid and locks it in gel form for long-lasting protection
  • Dry weave cover rotects against unwanted leaks, keeps dry and comfortable
  • Odour Protection: Protects you against the odour, keeps your fresh
  • With 40% longer with a 30% wider back for uncompromising safeguard all night

Directions Of Use:

Peel off the release paper from the back of the pad. Stick the pad on your panty crotch and press firmly. Peel off the release paper from the wings. Fold the wings around the sides of your panty crotch and press them firmly against the back.

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About the Product

It’s about waking up happy. It’s about living your life by your own rules. It’s about continuing to be unstoppable and feeling great at any age. It’s about being confident every day of the month. This revolutionary sanitary pads specially designed for overnight usage with longer length and wide back for protection against back leaks which lasts all night long. Meri life, mere rules.

Safety Information:

  • For single-use only.
  • Don’t flush it in the toilet to avoid clogging of drains.
  • Read the label carefully before use.
  • Keep it out of reach of children.
  • Store in a hygienic, cool, and dry place.