Society Lemongrass Premix Tea – 1 kg Pouch
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Society Lemongrass Premix Tea – 1 kg Pouch


Society Lemongrass Premix Tea – 1 kg Pouch

More and more Indians are looking to get into healthier grooves in their lives. Lemongrass tea is not just a refreshing but also delightfully healthy. The best part is that it can be made under a minute


  • Lemongrass Tea is a refreshing mix of the goodness, aroma & health in each sip.
  • It is an aromatic storehouse of essential nutrients providing a wide array of health and benefits.
  • Helps digestion, keeps skin healthy, control cholesterol levels, cleanses & detoxifies, fights depression, and reduces body odor.

Direction Of Use: For Vending machine, this pack when mixed with 7.14 liters of water and dispensed yield approximately 71 cups of finished beverage.

For an ideal cup of tea, take about 14 g of powder and add to 100 ml of water or add 11.2 gm of powder to 80 ml of hot water or add 8.4 gm of powder to 60 ml of hot water.

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