Nagarjuna Thraiphala Ghrutham 200 ml
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Nagarjuna Thraiphala Ghrutham 200 ml


Nagarjuna Thraiphala Ghrutham 200 ml

Nagarjuna Thraiphala Ghrutham 200 ml is ayurvedic classical medicated ghee. It is used in one of external procedures called tarpana for treating eye diseases. It can also be used internally to maintain health of eyes, to fasten healing process.


  • Used for snehakarma in the treatment of tumors, early stage of cataract,
  • Used in treating Erysipelas, Excessive discharge in women, eye pain with itching and discharge
  • Helps in treatment of cough, edema, hair fall, intermittent fever, pterygium and such other eye and eyelid related diseases
  • Effect on tridosha – calms pitta and vata.

Direction for use: Take quarter to half teaspoon with warm water, usually before food, once or twice a day, or as per the ayurvedic doctor

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Safety information:

  • Read the label carefully before use
  • Do not exceed the recommended dose
  • Keep out of the reach and sight of children