Kerala Ayurveda Aragwadharishtam 435 ml
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Kerala Ayurveda Aragwadharishtam 435 ml


Kerala Ayurveda Aragwadharishtam 435 ml

Aragwadharishtam is a formulation that plays the role of a blood purifier syrup in Ayurveda. It helps to maintain the body’s function of eliminating the toxic Ama and thereby purify the blood. It improves the digestive ability and is also used as an Ayurvedic medicine for constipation. It detoxifies the blood and is prescribed for wounds and problems with the skin. It is also indicated for cough and intestinal worms. It supports the lymphatic system and urinary systems and being an Ayurvedic treatment for constipation.

Benefits: Possess multiple properties like antiseptic, anti-infective, anti-inflammatory, anti-toxin, blood purifier, urinary antiseptic, antipyretic, lipolytic, and purgative.

Direction for use:  As directed by the healthcare professional.

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About The Product

Aragwadharishtam   is an ayurvedic decoction formulation recommended for Kapha diseases, skin diseases, wounds, ulcers, pruritus (itching), urticaria, scabies, diabetes, diabetic foot ulcer, frequent urination, urinary turbidity, and other urinary disorders. The main symptoms of using Aragwadharishtam are itching, abdominal heaviness and excessive phlegm production.

Safety information:

  • Store in a cool place in tightly closed amber colored bottle, protect from light and moisture.
  • Keep out of the reach and sight of the children.