Kapiva Organic Gulkand – 300 g
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Kapiva Organic Gulkand – 300 g


Kapiva Organic Gulkand – 300 g


  • Kapiva Organic Gulkand helps to improve gut health and acts as a digestive.
  • The product aids in reducing stress, calming the mind and cooling down the body.
  • It detoxifies the body and helps to clear skin problems.
  • Can be considered as an effective menstrual pain reliever.
  • It assists in reducing body odour and perspiration.

Ingredients :

  • Fresh, organic Rose Petals (Indian Damask Pink Rose), Organic Rock Sugar/Mishri

How to Use :

  • Can be consumed directly.
  • Kapiva Organic Gulkand can be used as a spread, with chapatis and bread.
  • It can be mixed in with milk and consumed as a delicious rose sharbat.

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Product Description :

The Kapiva Organic Gulkand is a product that is formulated using fresh Indian Damask Pink Roses, sourced from the hills of Pushkar, Rajasthan that are layered out in Natural Sugar Candy or Mishri. It is delicious whilst also being nutritious. This product primarily acts as a digestive that is intended to improve gut health, enhance digestion and reduce stomach burn. It detoxifies the body, aids in flushing out toxins thereby also ensuring clearer skin. By helping to soothe the mind in addition to cooling the body, it promotes mental as well as physical health. This product is also found to be useful in relieving menstrual cramps. It is rich in calcium and antioxidants. It is also USDA-certified and free of synthetic colours, flavours and gluten.