Kapiva Himalayan Wild Honey 250GM
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Kapiva Himalayan Wild Honey 250GM


Kapiva Himalayan Wild Honey 


  • Wild Honey contains antioxidants which helps maintain a healthy heart. Daily consumption of honey also helps improving eye sight
  • It soothens throat irritations and cough and helps fights seasonal allergy symptoms. Also, honey acts like a natural antibiotic that helps suppress infections
  • It is a rich source of vitamins and minerals providing a holistic and complete nourishment to the human body. It also helps in providing instant energy and keeps you fresh all day long
  • Honey with warm water on an empty stomach in the morning will also help you shed weight
  • The goodness of wild, pure honey while hasnumerous health benefits, it has a delightful flavour to savour

Ingredients: Honey

How to Use :

A spoonful of wild honey with warm water and lemon helps manage weight effectively.

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Kapiva Himalayan Wild Honey

Kapiva Himalayan Wild Honey is obtained from bee farms that extract honey from Himalayan forests. Kapiva’s taste, aroma and consistency is different from regular apiary honey. These variations occur due to the different flowers that the bees visit – it changes seasonally and geographically, but our honey remains pure and authentic with no added sugar or jaggery.

  • Helps build immunity and may suppress cold and cough symptoms
  • Packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
  • Consequences of consumption include more energy and better weight management