Kapiva Get Slim Juice – 1L
- 6%

Kapiva Get Slim Juice – 1L


Kapiva Get Slim Juice

Benefits :

  • Helps With Weight Management
  • Facilitates Improved Digestion
  • Acts as a Blood Purifier
  • Manage Hunger Pangs


Harad 7%, Daru Haridra 13%, Amla Juice 8%, Vidanga 8%, Gudmaar 6%, Haldi 5%, Kutki 3%, Gikharu 13%, Chitrak Mool 1.6%, Kuth 11%, Bach 12%, Giloy 12%, Citric Acid (pH Stabiliser) 0.1%, Permitted Class II Preservatives Less Than 0.3%.

Dosage :

Mix 30 ML Get Slim Juice with 30 ml water and drink twice a day for best results.


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Product Description :

Kapiva Ayurveda Get Slim Juice is a direct extraction of flax seeds and castor which are age-old medicinal herbs aiding in weight loss. Consumption of this slimming juice is good for stomach upsets, constipation and clearing out your digestive system. Kapiva Ayurveda Get Slim Juice is made from the best-quality organically grown herbs such as san beej, erandmool and daruharidr. Kapiva has replaced extracts with raw herbs to obtain maximized benefits and simplify your weight loss journey. This juice helps to burn fat, improve digestion and boost metabolism. Kapiva Ayurveda Get Slim Juice is 100% natural and is completely free of synthetic colours or flavours.