Kapiva Sandalwood Oil 15 ml
- 6%

Kapiva Sandalwood Oil 15 ml


Kapiva Sandalwood Oil 15 ml

Benefits :

  • Help reduce stress
  • Treats dry skin

Ingredient: Sandalwood oil

Usage :
  • Take an adequate amount of this oil and dilute it with your carrier oil.
  • Gently massage on your body. can also be diluted with bathing water

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Product Description :

Kapiva Sandalwood Oil is made from the pure sandalwood of Diphu, Assam, by steam distillation through chips and billets. Steam distillation only extracts oil from mature sandalwood roots and the heat used in this process helps kill a lot of unnecessary compounds, resulting in a product of good quality. As it contains purely sandalwood, this oil must be mixed with another base oil to maximize its benefits.