Dahera Healthy Living Pvt Ltd

Our Vision

Dahera Healthy Living Pvt Ltd has been brought into existence with our strong vision to help enable individuals to manage their health and well-being by offering them a range of products that ensure overall wellness. We have our rich heritage in Ayurveda that has benefitted people across varied ages, cultures, geographical ranges and we want to ensure reaching maximum consumers with easy access to healthy, side-effect-free alternative medication.

Our Mission

We are a start-up, inspired by the Make in India initiative that was launched in 2014. We come with a robust experience in the e-commerce arena with an emphasis on ayurvedic and organic products. The portal healthylivingcart.com is a step forward in our mission to bring high-quality ayurvedic, homeopathic, and natural products to our esteemed clients. In our mission to make these products available worldwide, we are determined on our journey of expansion.

Bringing Health to the Clients

We are bringing the widest range of products from some of the topmost brands in the healthcare sector under one roof that will help our clients manage their health and well-being with ease. The range includes wellness products, vitamins, diet/fitness supplements, herbal products, pain relievers, diabetic care kits, baby/mother care products, beauty enhancers, personal care products, and self-testing kits and devices.

In our thorough market research that we conducted across parameters; it was observed that people end up neglecting their health for several factors that are common on most levels. Some may not want to travel up to the store due to distance, weather conditions, etc; non-availability of some products or brands that the consumer prefers. Another one of the most important and common factors that were observed, was often women disregard their health in the process of being a caretaker of the family; and the most recent concern across the globe -Pandemic and the subsequent issues related to it. No matter what the reason, not taking supplements or medication on time, or skipping them completely for a prolonged time, has its effects on our health.

healthylivingcart.com will help our consumers overcome all the above issues – delivering quality products to their doorstep on time, every time!

A Commitment to Excellence

We are working tirelessly to ensure that every consumer visiting healthylivingcart.com is offered the best of wellness products. It is our commitment to our consumers that we will keep up with the quality, availability, easy accessibility, and quick delivery of their orders. Consumers will have options to choose from a variety of products, brands, and price ranges. With an assurance of expanding our range in both product and brand categories, we will also be offering various schemes and concessions to our consumers. Health benefits that are pocket-friendly – it doesn’t get better than this!


In the pursuit of excellence, compromise is not a part of our vocabulary. The brands we feature are carefully curated to meet our consumer needs and satisfaction.

Our complete transparency and ethical business practices assure both our clients and the brands we work with of the best possible benefits.